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Name: Jacob Reguera Address: 1521 Nord Avenue Chico,CA Email: Phone: 707-803-8727

Deposit: $500     Rent: $495

My name is Jacob Reguera. I was living at Nord Gardens here with Hill Properties and am looking for someone to take over my portion of the lease. There are 3 others living in the rental and we split the utilities 4 ways. If interested please call or email me or Hill Properties.


Name: Carlos Martinez Address: 917 W Sacramento ave Email: Phone: 5309010992

Deposit: $375     Rent: $518.25

Hello!! We are looking for a lease takeover for our 3 bed/3 bath apartment.

There are currently 4 of us so the money is divided by 4ths. There are 2 master bedrooms upstairs and a single bathroom and bedroom downstairs. Washer and dryer are part of the apartment. Text/email for more information. Thank you.


Name: Thomas Rizzo Address: 840 w 6th street unit 1 Email: Phone: 9167679418

Deposit: $600     Rent: $775

Im looking to move out and have someone take over my part of the lease.

Building is listed on hill properties website as Portland place.


Name: Miguelangel Perez Address: 186 East Shasta 5B Email: Phone: 424 364 4697

Deposit: $NA     Rent: $812.50 /1000.00

I'm a single male working fulltime. I usually home in the evenings and work weekends too. I like outside activities and hung with my dog after work.

I have a dog, so applicant will need to be ok with the dog. no other dogs allowed. the 1000.00 rent will cover you with Wi-Fi and electricity for the place, street parking only. I'm looking for a mature, responsible, clean male that work full time. and does not mind my dog. pls contact me for a meet and great


Name: Destiny Delgado Address: 634 W2nd Ave Apt 3 Email: Phone: 9169692270

Deposit: $0     Rent: $460

All girls live in the apartment.


Name: Chris Copriviza Address: 1010 Warner St. Email: Phone: 8312511355

Deposit: $1050     Rent: $1050

3 Chico State Students in need of 2 additional roommates.